Country's Kicking melody and lyrics were written by Sheri Lee Hodges

Music by Steve Hodges

This is the first release of our album


Country's Kicking

Dedicated to Sheri Lee Hodges 

A Beautiful, loving wife and mother

She will live in our hearts forever!

Please enjoy her wonderful spirit that lives on in this song!

Country's Kicking was the first song  Steve and Sheri wrote together and it is Sheri's melody and lyrics that shine! She had a way of drawing a picture with words, and with making melodies that stuck in your head!

You will find yourself singing them in the shower!

Steve and Sheri Hodges had an amazing marriage and loved each other very deeply. Tragically Sheri unexpectantly passed away in 2021.

During their years together they wrote some very special country songs. Out of those songs there were only three that they recorded demos of, unfortunately many other songs and song ideas they had were lost forever. 

Sheri  inspired so many songs written by Steve over the years.As you get to know Steve Hodges you will hear some

True Love Songs

 written for her and many others that were

inspired by Sheri! 


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